Realaze 03/08/2013

Korg M3R : Realaze's user review

«  Very good sound, but ... »

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- Is it a model or Rack "rack"?

It is an expander rack.

- How many sounds effects? What styles?

Or specs of the machine.

- Are they edited? Utility via a Mac / PC?

Difficult editable Pc, the only commercial buggent to death and are paid by an editor there against hardware, RE-1, which I highly recommend.

- Are there any extensions?

Yes, I think.

- What connection (Audio, MIDI, ...)? ...

See specs.


-The general configuration is it simple?

Relatively complex, the size of the screen and the interface does not help, consider buying the RE-1 as a pre-requisite to use easily.

-The editing sounds and effects is it easy?

Horrible condition, see above.

-The manual is clear and sufficient?

Quickly flew, it seemed clear.


-The sounds they agree your style of music?

This is a general synth, you can edit sounds strongly, so in the end we do what we want, more or less. I do strongly oriented electro music, it is very suitable for this purpose.

- Are they realistic?

Not really.

- Effects are they effective and responsive?

Strong point of the expander, it is rich in effects (delay, distortion, flanger, reverb ...), and they are really really good!

- The expression is good? (Response to velocity, aftertouch to)?


- What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? ...

I love the layers, they are deep and trippy, you might as well work the textures, but where this is fantastic, it is well-typed for leads 80s, there is pure happiness. Memory it seems to me that the bass is not terrible. And we can create synthetic sounds good too. Really, I love the sound of this bike, it compensates its flaws.


- How long have you been using?

About 1 year.

- What is so special that you like most and least?

The +
- Sound.
- Effects.

The -
- Requires almost mandatory purchase of RE-1 to avoid hair pulling.

- Did you try many other models before buying it?

TX81Z, D110, old stuff which ...

- How would you rate quality / price ratio?

With the RE-1, very good. Without the RE-1, bad.
- With experience, you do again this choice? ...

I would do the same choice, namely the M3R and RE-1, but not M3R alone, this is the worst rack I had ergonomics point of view.