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sin 07/05/2004

Korg M3R : sin's user review


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Small rack of ERRF M1/M1R!

Systm synthse of AI (treatment numrique intgral)
16 voices, 16 oscillators
Internal memory: 16Mbit PCM
Systmes 2 multi-effects
100 programmes/100 combinations and DMOS 5
Outputs: 1 / L 2 / R, 3, 4 and headphone
2 card connectors RAM / ROM / PCM
LCD-16x2 rtro clairbr /> Options: Cards RAM (MCR-03), ROM cards, maps and PCM tlcommande RE1


Trs simple use (only one game mode).
Possibility of being controlled by the KORG RE1! In this case, the ergonomics are perfect!
Manuel clear enough but no more ... (As usual 'at KORG)


Sounds like it's M1 ... Same dynamic, same multi-samples ... We like it or not, but i like me! The effects are deadly ...
One of the best sounds I've Roads cost! (Preset: Touchroad)
Good horns, good ground trs ...
The kit of drums M1 ...
All sounds can be used as is ...
THE 90 80/dbut the end!


What I like most is the sound KORG 90's in a good 1U Simple and easy to use.
The only real limitation from an M1 or M1R is the impossibility of making programs DOUBLE osc ... But hey, by superimposing two programs Combi mode, you get exactly the same as its bigger synthse ERRF!
To cost! (A buy if you possdez RE1!)
Well I put 8 / 10 in overall rating is a lot but it's his "almost vintage" of M1 (at least legendary), which has!