gnoulie 07/03/2013

Roland BK-7m : gnoulie's user review

«  Versatile and well-structured »

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Expander "plan", no rack, a place closer to accessibility.
Many sounds with synthesizer (envelope, filter resonance) edition.
Full of simultaneous effects, with independent settings parties.

Very good structure:
- Flexibility with different master controllers
- Each memory perf sets all the parameters (sound choice, effects, mixing ...), including y synth editing sounds above; damages action Foot Switch is not managed as well (we just work around this problem by equipping themselves the way Roland pedal 7)
- Possibility to "truandant" Share the Manual Bass, to have a triple split (3 sounds) to the right hand of a master keyboard

Line in, 1x Foot Switch, USB host, USB key, pedal inputs, midi in / out, composite video out (for display of words. "Kar" + agreements recognized the midi).

Lots of onboard accompaniment styles + can import all styles Roland (E arrangers, VA76, etc ...), in short, almost inexhaustible. However, is to create own styles, you need a soft editor not included. About soft, the BK-7m is provided with a DAW Cakewalk.


Comprehensive manual, clear and Sufficient. The setup is relatively simple, given the possibilities of the machine. In fact, navigation is complex, vast, but intuitive.


A profusion of sounds that inevitably can find happiness, a good enough realism, except perhaps for guitars, trumpets, where Yamaha is better. Too bad that Roland was a bit stingy on SuperNATURAL sounds: there are two (the realism of Saxo is falling, beautifully articulated)! Again, Yamaha offers on their sounds Cool, Sweet, SuperArticulation, MegaVoices (etc. ..) is more dense.


I use it for almost two years, but rather sporadically, I spend more time on the piano. In this regard, I welcome the excellence of the Pianist mode (latest OS version, managed according to the damper pedal), which gives excellent results (play a piano piece with both hands, the BK7- m recognizes the fly harmonies and takes care of the rest). I also had it on the CVP-401, but it was often dissonant.
Offer arrangers-expanders is far from being bloated, but despite this non-competitive niche I think the price / quality ratio of BK7-m is very good. So much the better, because when you already have a good master keyboard and space is limited, not easy to integrate into its installed an additional keyboard PSR style.

I regret that there is no Roland, Korg has like Yam and the principle of multipads, which can start small sequenced phrases or arpeggios during the live Thurs

I also use it as a sound generator GS for karaoke with friends, and as long as the sequences are of high quality, it sounds great.