Roland sonic Cell
Roland sonic Cell
pic&pulse 06/30/2013

Roland sonic Cell : pic&pulse's user review

«  It's Roland, what. »

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Expander table. The ROM Fantom X slots with two SRX and function USB sound card with two audio inputs (one XLR / Jack Jack and1. 128 voice polyphony of 16 channels playable.
You can mix live inputs and apply the internal effects.
SMF and audio on external USB media player.
The editor on MAC or PC is provided.
It is therefore a general ROMpler with a large bank and fully editable like any big synth brand, with VDF, VDA and others fully configurable.


In practice, given the ergonomics, it is quite complicated to use alone. The screen is ridiculously small and provides too little information compared to the possibilities and the logic is ... particular. It's like back 20 years ago in the era of screen 1 line of 12 characters.
Once plugged into computer, then has a complete and well done editor that allows you to use the tool thoroughly and without difficulty.


Difficult to turn all sounds available as they are numerous, but the overall quality is very good (Fantom X) and are widely applicable. The bandwidth is extended, the sounds have presence, are well defined and do not squeaker. We find some of the history of the pimp with waveforms date from JV, D50, JD and co. Not easy to get by against very nervous or aggressive sounds, because the envelopes a little soft.
The editing is very significant potential, we can make a nice bank characters sounds. Using MIDI controllers, there is a beautiful expression (standard GS plus four assignable controllers)
Unless you want to make it sound like a Korg, Yamaha or a Clavia, I find it very good.
Each judge the realism of acoustic sounds. Nowadays, with the banks computer, hardware .... I will say that for live use, it is enough.


I used to live (very heavy rock style) in addition to a Yamaha Motif ES8 and small Korgs. It is necessary to prepare the patches at home with the editor and it is quite tedious to edit live, but apart from these restrictions, it is an expander that sounds great and has a beautiful presence in the mix with sounds never ridiculous.
I just use the function soundcard. It is clean and transparent enough. The combo XLR / jack is practical with its impedance control and phantom power.
New, it may be a bit expensive but it is present on occasion seen its coast.
I agree.