Yamaha MU90R
Yamaha MU90R

MU90R, Sound Module from Yamaha in the MU series.

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Mr.Music 06/25/2003

Yamaha MU90R : Mr.Music's user review


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19 "1unitbr /> sound module GM / XG
32 multitimbral Parties
Polyphony 64 Notes
779 presets + 30 Kits Drums / Percussion
6 effect blocks rpart Rverbs of 12, 14 and 62 Chorus variation.
100 + 100 User Performances.
4 outputs (2 gnrales + 2 singles)
Taking "To Host"
2 analog inputs
MIDI IN 4-A,-B In, Out and Through.


The front shows a headphone jack with his volume knob, two analog format jack, a potentiomtre rotary gain an LCD screen rtro light of good size, 15 six mini buttons with LED indicator and a wheel of deals such as "endless," ct key to power.
At the rear two afternoons taken''A & B "to feed the 32 shares of the multitimbral MU90R thus taken Out & Through. 4 audio outputs, 2 for Stereo and 2 individually. making "To Host" will allow you to connect your computer module prfr Mac / PC. BMD you a glimpse of the types of sounds included. Conclusion of the Premire MU90R manipulations allow to realize it is almost possible to use it without opening the manual, so the interface is intuitive.


To push the extreme MU90R into a corner, we have synthesized a religious and a computer on which we ran vnements rich sequences (number of lanes, change programs ...) and in various styles such as jazz, rock, poop, blues, classical ...
Know that the device with the squence, is worn like an angel.
The sounds are agables with any mention particulire sounding percussion genres Drums, Bells, Vibraphone, Piano, Bass and acoustic synthetic, Contebasses Violins and Cellos are only grins lgrement . All instruments are used on the LCD display Name & Graphics. All parameters can be changed to standard GM or XG.


I come by this opinion that the passage is not mine, but the rdaction clbre the mag.
"Keyboards Magazine" push a rant following the notice of "Ehma" and "Shamkara"
Who APRS expander them this would be bad quality ... trs so if the guys from keyboards to plant in their tests that can be trusted?
Now it is on the expander if compared with those emerging since 2001, and there's no picture yet ...
In 1997 the MU90R coutait 4490F is € 684.50 and now OCCAZ 'is found up to 300 or € 1967.87 F.
I wanted to buy one I do not know what to do because it is difficult to find the DMOS MU90R on the net to make me an ide.