Codemaster Music
Codemaster Music

Music, Sound Tracker from Codemaster.

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gabzos 04/25/2007

Codemaster Music : gabzos's user review


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This little software is really nice trs! ATTENTION: nice does not mean that it is! adpend the intended use do! This software runs out in 1998 exclusively on PlayStation and remain restricted CHARACTERISTICS nanmoins well enough to make some music. We put the CD in the PSX, you turn, and wait for a load! The good old controller that came with the PSX To create enough, no mouse (I swear there is!), Nothing else, apart from a TV that is still essential!
The config is simple, but you still take the same time to test all functions, as there are for such a small app! The manual, in these cases is the very practical, well-trs Designed with a résumé in a 10 + Leone discovering 75% of the functionality.


only runs on a PSX, can be even when the PC if a quip emulator (eg bleem!.) otherwise the PSX IS NOT scroll, go tr s far to russian to crash during a backup. otherwise there is not much wrong.

but because it was on PSX, the perf. remains low: it was 16 tracks our disposal to put the riffs (we refer to PC MIDI squence: NO AUDIO!) can lie on eight measures each. it feels faster than the software is almost exclusively Designed for loops, no long Młoda of 32 measures, has taken too many resources. The maximum polyphony is 16 notes, frankly limit my point of view. EX: If I make an agreement four notes Premire track, and all others dj squence of notes held or not, I shall always be three that will not be heard final (1 * 4 + 15 * 1 = 19!)
nanmoins possde software on the CD full of sample base that can do a little what you want: low, scratches, guitars, organs, tablecloths, Młoda sounds, drums, percussion, SFX, voice ... acoustic, electric or synthetic. do not expect much about the acoustic sounds: SUPER MAL samples! the piano is simply no if you want to use it in piano, INTERESTED if you mistreat the multi-purpose ...
with the voices we obtain easily the voice of Mr. Tom Jones!

you can also build their self-same video clips (the still born rvez too, but ...) I do not use it because it's pretty complicated, and then the music must keep music!


I possde for 8 years. I Discoveries by chance, so I said why not? and it's just good! It is perfect my music (shuffled from house, dance, instruments and video games ...) but remains strong even when limited in perf. and it is not evolutive! if you mastered a piece, two choices: the multitrack, or the PC! but the app is mostly intuitive, trs, one can easily mount a title in just 2 hours! the era I pay nine FrF 300 (45), now has OCCAZ is less than 10.

If you have a PSX, you can not find Music2000, then go on Music! was worth the feeling of discovering a lever for the PSX music, believe me!