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MadTracker MadTracker

MadTracker, Sound Tracker from MadTracker.

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lrpass 09/11/2006

MadTracker MadTracker : lrpass's user review


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Installation fastoche ...

No incompatibility for the moment ...

on the other hand, but one of tutorial is in French, everything is in English for the doc ...


My config: 2800 + amp (2.1 gtz), 512 ram, 120 GB, Aureon sound card (23 euros).

This software works very well on my config. synth sounds are sometimes the unfortunate tendency to freeze and turn loop! I STOP and Read and everything returns to normal ...


I find that I think the software used primarily to accompany me on guitar. Vraiemenent I appreciate being able to "play" each instrument and view their notes on one line at a time. The impressive number of instruments and sample to use (even Sir sounds are often a little Techno and 80's, they suit me to make accompaniment tracks.

I use it recently (one month), but it seems easy to access.

I'll put online soon accompaniment tracks