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Thread Collection of 50+ beats

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Topic Collection of 50+ beats
Hey everyone,

First post on here, and wanted to share something which I have been using for some time. I got about 50 beats from a site ages ago but have lost the site and had to download them one by one back then anyway. Well I've upped them in a .rar file here now: http://sharecash.org/download.php?id=105290

The beats (mostly in .wav format) aren't just any old beats, these are absolute classics, almost all are live and ready for looping, and for me, well, they've worked some wonders along the way. The funny thing is, I often hear them in pop songs or hip hop tracks and think...ohhh that's from...!

I checked for viruses etc by downloading the link myself first, and it looks fine. If you come across something let me know and I'll wipe it. I think you also have to fill in some bullsh** offer to get the download but it's free all the same. The hosting there should allow unlimited downloads which I couldn't get with my yousendit free account.

And now to start checking out the info on the site!

Enjoy http://www.reasonstation.net/board/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif