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Zero-G CDs & Sound Banks by Style news

  • Zero-G Urban Legend

    Zero-G Urban Legend

    09/15/10 in Zero-G Urban Legend

    Weighing in at 8.3GB, Urban Legend contains 100 construction kits and almost 8,000 loops, hits and multisamples to inspire your Hip Hop and RnB productions.

  • Zero-G Deep Impact: Cinematic Atmospheres & SFX

    Zero-G Deep Impact: Cinematic Atmospheres & SFX

    06/08/10 in Zero-G Deep Impact: Cinematic Atmospheres & SFX

    Deep Impact features atmospheres, special effects, soundscapes, textures, sci-fi drones and more.

  • Zero-G Nexus

    Zero-G Nexus

    05/10/10 in Zero-G Nexus

    Containing nearly 2 gigabytes and about 650 samples of sounds in 24-bit audio, Nexus is a drum n bass library designed to be used in modern music genres including film and television production.

  • Zero-G: Disco Gold

    Zero-G: Disco Gold

    02/22/10 in Zero-G Disco Gold Sample Collection

    Disco Gold contains over 800 samples and 1.7Gb of 24bit dancefloor inspiration.

  • Zero-G Electro House

    Zero-G Electro House

    09/30/09 in Zero-G Electro House

    UK-based sero-G have released a selection of electro house samples taking its inspiration from the sounds currently igniting club floors across the globe.

  • Zero-G Brazil Chillout Samples

    Zero-G Brazil Chillout Samples

    08/13/09 in Zero-G Brazil Chillout

    This collection is presented as "classic sounds of Brazilian bossa nova and samba fused with a modern style and contemporary feel."

  • Zero-G Progressive House Reason Refill

    Zero-G Progressive House Reason Refill

    04/20/09 in Zero-G Progressive House Reason Refill

    This progressive and minimal house sample library from Zero-G is designed to offer hundreds of loops and single hits recorded in 24 bit audio.

  • Zero-G Distorted Dancefloors

    Zero-G Distorted Dancefloors

    02/19/09 in Zero-G Distorted Dancefloors

    Distorted Dancefloors includes germanic minimal techno, glitchy downtempo electronica, electrobreaks, grime, breakstep and more.

  • Zero-G Releases Indian Dance Classics

    Zero-G Releases Indian Dance Classics

    01/30/09 in Zero-G Indian Dance Classics

    Indian Dance Classics features 750+ loops in 1.7Gb of samples with tempos ranging from 86bpm to 200bpm recorded on location in India, according to Zero-G.

  • Zero-G Satin Grooves

    Zero-G Satin Grooves

    11/29/08 in Zero-G Satin Grooves

    Eastwest Boogies Down With Zero-G's Satin Grooves Collection.