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  • SoundToys MicroShift Review
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    SoundToys MicroShift Review

    04/07/14 in Soundtoys MicroShift

    Almost a year after releasing the free Little MicroShift, SoundToys has finally introduced its bigger sibling, a plug-in designed to add space and depth to a wide variety of sources. MicroShift is also the first SoundToys plug-in that offers authorization options beyond iLok.

  • SoundToys PrimalTap available for free

    SoundToys PrimalTap available for free

    03/17/14 in Soundtoys Little PrimalTap

    SoundToys gives a new preview of its future release with a Little version of the PrimalTap plug-in, which is available for free.

  • [BKFR] Black Friday at SoundToys
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    [BKFR] Black Friday at SoundToys

    11/29/13 in Soundtoys

    The Black Friday deals at SoundToys only lasts until midnight, but 7 plug-ins can be purchased for only $99 each.

  • SoundToys goes 64-bit and launches a promotion
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    SoundToys goes 64-bit and launches a promotion

    08/06/13 in Soundtoys

    SoundToys announces the availability of the 64-bit version of all its native real time process plug-ins and launches a bundle.

  • Friday's Freeware: Little MicroShift
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    Friday's Freeware: Little MicroShift

    03/15/13 in Soundtoys Little MicroShift

    SoundToys has a great way to tease his next plug-in with Little MicroShift, the light version of the MicroShift plug-in expected in April.

  • [AES] SoundToys Radiator

    [AES] SoundToys Radiator

    10/28/12 in Soundtoys Radiator

    SoundToys has announced Radiator, a mixer amplifier effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

  • Soundtoys Little Radiator

    Soundtoys Little Radiator

    03/17/12 in Soundtoys Little Radiator

    Soundtoys modeled the Altec 1556A preamp.

  • [Musikmesse] SoundToys Devil-Loc Deluxe

    [Musikmesse] SoundToys Devil-Loc Deluxe

    04/10/11 in Soundtoys Devil-Loc Deluxe

    SoundToys Inc announces the availability of their new Devil-Loc Deluxe plug-in and a special time-limited promotion.

  • SoundToys Devil-Loc

    SoundToys Devil-Loc

    03/21/11 in Soundtoys Devil-Loc

    Soundtoys has released a new plugin called Devil Loc : SoundToys.

  • SoundToys v4.1

    SoundToys v4.1

    12/24/10 in Soundtoys SoundToys v4

    SoundToys has announced the immediate availability of version 4.1 of their full software line.