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Spectral Processors user reviews

  • API Audio 550A

    API Audio 550A - "good as it gets"


    The API Audio 550A is a very modern looking channel strip consisting of mic preamplifier, an equalizer, and a compressor.  The unit has both a solid state and tube make up, and you have the option of choosing one or the other.  It has a 1/4 inch inpu…

  • Tube-Tech ME 1A

    Tube-Tech ME 1A - moosers's review


    The Tube Tech ME 1A is a mid range equalizer, modeling itself after the Pultec midrange EQ which was one of, if not the first of it's kind. The ME 1A and the ME 1B are both very similar EQ's, and as far I can tell they are interchangeable, although …

  • GML 8200

    GML 8200 - ericthegreat's review


    The GML 8200 comes industry standard with 5 band eq with overlapping bands and 15 db boost or cut. This thing is great, but the cost steers a lot of use away, most of us cant afford an item like this. That is why I go to the university to use it. I w…

  • BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i

    BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i - "Use with caution"


    BBE claims that the sonic maximizer will "replace lost mids in your signal that get lost in speaker to ear discourse" or something like that. Honestly, I remember reading the literature a while back and coming to the conclusion that BBE's advertisin…

  • Sontec MEP-250A

    Sontec MEP-250A - moosers's review


    The Sontec MEP-250A is a stereo parametric equalizer. I do not know very much about Sontec or the origins of this EQ, but it's somewhat related to the GML 8200, or at least it shares a very similar make up (although not the same sound). I don't kno…

  • Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf

    Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf - "filtered moog goodness"


    The Moog murf is a digitally controlled analog filter. On the front panel it has controls for drive, output, mix, envelope, rate, a/b bank, and pattern selection. There are also 8 sliders to control which frequencies are altered. The rear panel …

  • TC Electronic TC 1128

    TC Electronic TC 1128 - "The best EQ on the market"


    Way back in the 80s or 90s, TC Electronic released their amazing 1128. This is a digitally controlled analog graphic EQ that's ridiculously transparent. It's MIDI-able and footswitchable. These units came in various configurations, so the actual s…

  • Inward Connections DEQ-1

    Inward Connections DEQ-1 - moosers's review


    The Inward Connections DEQ-1 is an in depth stereo parametric equalizer, designed for mastering purpose. The studio that I work at has a mastering room on site where we've got the DEQ-1 as the main outboard EQ. I don't know the types of connections…

  • Alta Moda Audio AM-20

    Alta Moda Audio AM-20 - "Great Parametric EQ with great frequency curve"


    This is a parametric EQ for use in the recording studio or home studio. As it's a rather expensive piece of gear, it's probably better for use with analog consoles or mic-pres, as opposed to digital ones that come in the Digi 003 or something like th…

  • Inward Connections Tube Step Equalizer

    Inward Connections Tube Step Equalizer - moosers's review


    The Inward Connections Tube Step Equalizer is a Vac Rac series module. I've used it inside of the Inward Vac Rac 4000, and I'm not sure about it's compatibility with other casings. It does have it's own connections on the module, including inputs a…