Starway Clap 500
Starway Clap 500

Clap 500, Blinder, Flood, ... from Starway.

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algau 01/24/2009

Starway Clap 500 : algau's user review


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I have total 6 CLAP 500 DIFFERENT bought dates, max 4 years.
Pros: the look, flaps, vertical rglage end thanks to the support of the lamps which oscillates relative to the body of projo, good light output for 500 W spotlight effect with very white, an angle 'clearly broader than the RAP, cheap.
Cons: Can be a bit cumbersome, expensive and fragile lamps the limited life (as they are in series, 120 V 250 W, when the grid as the other grid ) take the brand preferences, you can not put a gelatinized before because it melts quickly, lamp holders and poorly fitted the sockets I got too fragile, the wiring apparent.
I used 4 in white wash for a scene dimmer than 8 meters wide and I get an excellent results.
I recommend the plug on a dimmer of preheating with SAVE for the lamps.
Caution, however the brand, I have 4 home STARWAY, no worries, 2 home Bravy with whom I had a worry.
Explanation: These are projos compossed of 2 boxes, one for connection with electrical fuse, the other reoit lamps are in series because they are 110 volts. In connection STARWAY series is in the electrical box, so good. In Bravy binding series is done in the case of lamps with a connector like a plug valve bike. This connector is insulated plastic bottom with heat lamps and touches the carcass. If your branch on a differential, a jump, otherwise the electrocution. We must replace this by fitting a bone china.