Raxxess ESD-4
Raxxess ESD-4

ESD-4, Stand & Rack from Raxxess.

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moosers 09/16/2010

Raxxess ESD-4 : moosers's user review


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The Raxxess ESD-4 is a rack mountable drawer designed for use in the recording studio or any place where you have a traditional rack casing for gear or otherwise. We have one of these in a rack at the studio where I work, storing all sorts of little gadgets in it for quick and easy use. It's great because it stays out of the way but at the same time is right there for easy access whenever you need something. It's just a great hub for everyday things in the studio that you might not want laying around, like DI boxes, A/B boxes, etc. The ESD-4 in particular takes up for spaces, but Raxxess makes drawers like this in all shapes and sizes to meet whatever needs you might have. It's definitely a drawer that is built well as it easily slides in and out without issues and this one is large enough where we can hold a whole bunch of stuff in it without it being cluttered. We also have a one space rack draw like this for holding smaller items like connectors, pads, etc. The price of the ESD-4 isn't exactly as cheap as you might think, but it's not an unreasonable price for a highly specified item like this. We actually have two of these at this size, one of which is in a rack and one of which is on a floating cabinet. While maybe not necessary for all studios, I love the convenience of having this as it makes storing smaller items easier and less things get lost since we have a place right there for them that is both out of the way and easily accessible. The Raxxess ESD-4 is definitely the way to go if you're looking for a four space rack drawer.

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