Abraham'z Stratocaster
Abraham'z Stratocaster

Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Abraham'z.

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tjyderrien 07/27/2005

Abraham'z Stratocaster : tjyderrien's user review


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Unknown brand. The music store on the corner, Musiquechoppe (hello to William, the salesman: P) has the exclusive brand. Made in East
It has 22 frets. It has three simple microphones with low output level. Intermediate positions of the microphones are more than feeble. The violin seems to me, despite the price. As the strata, a screw on the bar vibrato. I think the sound is better than a Squier Start 'base.

The pickups have a high background.
On the neck pickup, there is the sound "simple micro" and it is reassuring. The output level is not bad. I never use the middle pickup. The bridge pickup feedback easily and has an output level a bit feeble. It does not sound typical pickup. It saves a bit of precision in the sound, but no more.

Tone buttons can erase Feedback, manage feedback, but give a quick look at the blur.


Channel: file the frets. Not very pleasant. Access to acute is not super easy.
However, the weight is evenly distributed. The guitar is light, which is not very reassuring. The form is strat ', so good.
Since I know better adjust my sound, I have not tested on a nice amp worthy of the name, but on my little Fender Frontman G, I managed to get something a lot with my Ibanez TS7 and with the distortion of the amp and more, well grown.

But it's still low-end.


I play with a Fender Frontman G (model no reverb) that came with the guitar. It is a pack guitar that made me a gift
I add an Ibanez TS7 Tubescreamer of which has the advantage of boosting the distos it behind her. But it is the soft version of the TS808 reissue, or good old TS9, simulator lamp. Yum.

The sounds are not accurate. To have a clean and well crystalline, change the pickups.

In his clear is neck pickup. In disto is micro acute, otherwise it's boiled.


This guitar is made to start playing electric guitar in his room or apartment. In rehearsal, it will be better microphones for guitars concurencer buddies, and attention to feedback. We must tame the Feedback microphones before a concert.

Could I love this guitar? Its price (I have been offered: D), color frankly nice. Start type '.
What I like least are the microphones, vibrato, the handle, and the reason the wood sounding low end, and the mechanics that do not clear the tuning. Moreover, they feature a stunning irregularity.

The value for money is still good! For a beginner, it works well, but be prepared to change certain elements if you know a little. To make a good guitar again and concerts, it would change the pickups, filing the frets, and change the mechanics.

I will return to this comment when I will know myself better and violin parts.

This is a guitar that allows budget a good start. The pack provided by the store can get started at home with the stuff more than enough.

For the next: I did not connai enough violin to see if I change everything on this guitar, or if I'm paying a little gem.

Conclusion: I have heard a Squier and I sincerely believe that it is less stupid to buy a low-end brand in a small, low-end rather than at a very high (below 300 euros, say). The low-end Fender me all disappointed.