Aria Pro II RS Knight Warrior
Aria Pro II RS Knight Warrior

RS Knight Warrior, STC-Shaped Guitar from Aria Pro II.

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Charlylerouge 03/13/2004

Aria Pro II RS Knight Warrior : Charlylerouge's user review


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Stratabound shaped head with 6 chrome tuners oil bath, a locking nut and string Kahler graphite to allow good sliding strings.
Channel wide and flat with maple rosewood fingerboard, 22 strips wide enough, well polished that do not exceed the sides. Bolt. neck-body junction is no problem thanks to well-rounded edges.
Equipped with the Kahler Flyer vibrato whose supremacy is due to its effectiveness. Stem short and fine vibrato easier to hold the little finger. System of jumpers on wheels that do not distort the tone when played in slow cooker. Adjustments: height and length of each bridge, angle of the stem of vibrato to the plane of the body. "Fine tuning" (setting the fine tuning) with dial.
Equipped with two single coil pickups and Hot Blades SC of a Hot Blade humbucker in the bridge. This double coil can be switched simply by pulling the tone knob.


Very easy to play, the handle has an average access in the treble. Very flat, it thickens towards the 15/16 th box like most guitars Bolt.
The ash body (or of average weight), has no sharp corners. Comfort is total, the guitar is perfectly balanced.
Extreme good level of agreement even in severe and violent vibrato.
The pickups are excellent, with treble and attack. Via the switch to five positions it has a range of positions with sound pickups out of phase.


The micro-array allows bends without loss of power and sustain unlike microphones studs.
The guitar can have both a clear typical Fender Start in the font style or Dire Start sound but fatter at the Les Paul. Can be obtained also sounds much more saturated fat and thick with the humbucker.
Easy to use thanks to only one volume knob and one tone.


As Khanh said at the time of the output of this Knight Warrior: "This Aria is a technological marvel ... It has everything to please, it sounds terribly well and responds well to its multiple possibilities to the needs of today's guitarists ".