Cort Stat3T 106
Cort Stat3T 106

Stat3T 106, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the Stat series.

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Stabbquadd 09/10/2006

Cort Stat3T 106 : Stabbquadd's user review


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Guitar factory in Indonsie.
Has 22 frets, pickups with two singles and a double micro Powersound (the bridge humbucker is ct, of course).
Bridge with vibrato, but change strings trs trs really boring (never seen worse).
One of knob rglage for volume and two for the "tones".
Agathis body, neck stocky, rosewood fingerboard, chrome hardware mcanique oil bath.


The handle is enjoyable and frets are not too deadly for the fingers when beginners
Be careful though if you plan to give in Do Drop (Drop C) and you plan to change the strings for more grazing, your strings are likely to find themselves away from the handle, especially in AIGS.

In addition, Access in AIGS is pretty bad. Do not expect to play in AIGS as you play in the bass, because if you had the ide to drag your hand into the AIGS, you exploded the wrist on the location the handle on the body. Difficult to move the index beyond the Douzima cargo holding a little low, or the 16th if you hold high and you have become accustomed (this time it is the body that will You GNER).

The shape of the guitar is ... strato, so not too bad and Aesthetics in practice not so good. In addition, this guitar is really trs heavy for what I have tried as other guitars. And then two hours to change the strings, this should never happen, even the first time. I have seen other imitations of stratocumulus, and even with those of Storm from the change of string is simpler, and yet the price is not the same. Look at the picture gives dernire Previous in the notice. You see the six little holes? Well not only are they just large enough to pass the end of the ropes, but in addition they are not in front of the hole through the handle and the bridge ... have fun ...

Sound, it is enjoyable, and it ca dj ^ ^


This guitar is versatile and adapts trs trs much all styles of music. That's what I was looking first and foremost in this guitar!

I use an amp Vox Valvetronix (Audiofanzine link to the page of the amp) ( ) with, and I must say it's really enjoyable to take his first steps into the world of guitar. With these two tools you really have something to amuse you a very long time without breaking PEL ^ ^

The sounds are really good as achieved given that we have available a humbucker for distortion and two single coil for clearer sound! Be careful though, the two single coil pickups are susceptible to interference, trs electro-magntiques, and if you have a CRT computer screen (not flat) less than 2 meters, you can not use them!

There is no sound that I dtest was the choice, and this is important, especially when you start to beginners wanting to fiddle around to see what it's going to give.
Ah, if there is a sound I dtest, that of interference, electro-magntiques, but it is not really made for!


I use this guitar for over a year.

I love the humbucker. I do not know how I could do without it or how I would do without today. I do not like the sensitivity of the microphones to interference, and the weight of the guitar is closer to death than does the instrument with which you see yourself jumping in your dreams scne .

I have not tried many other models before acqurir because I trust my dealer, but I've tried a few others since. As often with Cort, the price is more than acceptable, and I am fully satisfied with my investment.

However, there is little chance that I redo this choice, even for the same price. Now that I know what configuration I need a versatile guitar that PSE as heavy as my girlfriend (well, ok, j'exagre) is really not what I want!