Cort Stat3T 106
Cort Stat3T 106

Stat3T 106, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the Stat series.

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iamqman 08/15/2011

Cort Stat3T 106 : iamqman's user review

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Cort is a guitar manufacturer that is based on South Korea. They build pretty inexpensive and budgeted friendly instruments. They are not high-end whatsoever. Even though they do have a few guitars in their inventory that have some great-looking tops that feature flamed maple and quilted maple tops. This guitar is not any of those it is a basic introduction into guitar playing type of guitar. This is the kind guitar that your parents will buy to allow you to learn how to play the electric guitar. This is a very inexpensive and basic built guitar and the sound is pretty cheap as well.

This guitar features one humbucker into two single coil pickups. The body is painted blue and you have a white pick guard. You also get a five way pick up selection selector which allows you to select from pick up pick up and also in between positions. The neck is a hard maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. The type of bridge and control knobs are vintage style and overall it's a pretty decent guitar for what you pay for.


The Stat3T features include:

* Scale : 25 1/2"
Joint : Bolt-on
Body : Agathis
Neck : Hard maple
Fretboard : Rosewood
neck- Powersound single-coil
middle- Powersound single-coil
bridge- Powersound humbucker
Headmachine : Diecasting (chrome)
Bridge : vintage style
Knob : vintage type (white)
Fret : vintage style (2.0mm * 1t)
No.Fret : 22
Fretboard radius : 9 1/2"
Electronics : 1vol-2ton


This guitar is nice tone and certainly not a professional tone. It is a tone that is going to be very basic, the wood itself doesn't sound that good as I have never even heard of agathis wood that they use for the body. It must be a wood that is featured over there in Asia or something but I've actually never heard of it so I'm not that familiar with the origin. Overall the guitar sounds like exactly what it is, it is a beginners guitar and it's for someone trying to learn or are figuring out whether or not reading that play the electric guitar.

This guitar will do whatever it does for any amp that you have. Is it basic superstrat tone with the humbucker in the bridge position. You have a tremolo for the bridge which is a nice addition to the guitar. Overall this guitars probably much better than a Squier guitar which is about the same price as this one. This one has a little bit better balance and better feel to it than I would put into a Squire guitar. So whatever amp you have, this is not a guitar that you can really care too much about the tone of it because it's around $200 guitar. So if you have a Fender amp or a Marshall amp or a no name amp, then this guitar to be perfect for you.


These guitars are somewhat harder to nowadays but they usually cost right around $200. They are a pretty good price for someone wanting pick up their first guitar to learn on and get their basic electric guitar playing skills down. I would recommend this to anyone who's looking for a great beginner's guitar and doesn't want spend a whole lot of money and wants to get something probably a little bit better than a Squire guitar. Other than that that's the only person that I would recommend this guitar too.