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Bast'6 04/04/2004

Cort X-11 : Bast'6's user review


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So, just like the X-6 is to say made in Korea in the Cort factory (which also makes the Ibanez Coren, the Epiphone, the first price of Fender amps ..... .. in short, good plant that has done). It has a handle 24 cases, two humbuckers and a singlecoil (in MSM) MightyMite, vinrato a Floy Rose. The selector is a micro switch blade 5 position, there is a split to pass the humbuckers into simple, one volume knob and a knob of tonality.
The thing she has more from the X-6 is its finish, much much much more polished and offers much more fun colors!


Pouir the same as X-6, the handle is a bomb, access to acute perfect (or so) and everything else too, say no more than the X-6.


Such as the X-6 but much less messy, even warm. Thank you finish!


Super skyscraper, although that would AIM X-6 or as a. ... especially since I have seen in Italy and in France is 400 200 or 300 more expensive (if you find the price in France, mail me;))

ADDITION OF 04/04/2004:

Ah well no, it is about the 460th in France ...; DARK!!