Cort X-2
Cort X-2
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skatepurple 07/25/2004

Cort X-2 : skatepurple's user review


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Audience: Beginners
To start very good guitar!
but then, we progress and as soon as you touch a Gibson SG, an Ibanez RG 1750 or a fender american series switch stat s-1 we are necessarily very ...... very disappointed.


HANDLE quite honorable for this guitere of "low end" access to acute impecable Szul Problem ..... the nut is really a nice m ****! because the strings E, A and D are "notched" there is play in the nut so it sizzles (sound of tin ..... SNIF ....)


I play with a Marshall 100 DFX sound is very nice and hot. me nut ruins everything


I lai sepuis 2 years and I quickly changed to a ibanez rg 1750.
However, the price / quality ratio close to perfection 200 euros! and as I said before for beginners, is a very good guitar