Cort X-9
Cort X-9

X-9, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the X series.

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MGR/Ji 04/02/2004

Cort X-9 : MGR/Ji's user review

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Bought it from swee lee(singapore) for about $465 brand new. Ws recommended by de salesperson there.

Its black n the finish is superb n rather hard to scratch. Sounds fantastic on distortion n even has coil tap. pickups in de style of HSH. sturdy n has just enuf sustain to sound both gibsonish n fenderish. design looks much like an ibanez rg but much cooler. neck material is solid maple with basswood body. controls r all in de right place (similar to a fender). keeps tunings really well.

FLOYD ROSE!!! i hate it cos it takes a hell long time to tune it. also de bridge is painted balck so de paint has started coming off n de metal tarnishing. sounds terrible on clean as if there wasnt enough power. terrible frets which make sliding a pain in de ass.

quality... totally worth it for its price. construction... pretty gd except tt de inside if de guitar looks beaver chewed. finish i say again is gd. better than gibson or fender. solid!

a very gd guitar for both beginners n intermediate. gd for those who love loads of distortion. cool looks. gif it a try.

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