Crafter by Cruiser
Crafter by Cruiser
MGR/Anonymous 06/10/2004

Crafter by Cruiser : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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i dont actually know where it was purchased or its price because it was a christmas present

its got a nice shape and is really easy to to do string bends which i found more difficult on my friends les paul copy.Its very tough!my dad knocked ot over onto our solid table.I lifted it up and it didnt have a scratch on it but dented the table!
Its easy to get a nice sound for any style of music even with a 10 watt pretty basic amp.

it gathers so much dust in between the pickups and its difficult to get out.On the top string the lower frets sometimes ring a little but you can barelly notice it and if you dont put a lot of pressure on the chords it rings as well.The frets are really high so i guess thats whats causing the ringing.

As i said it survived an intermate encounter with a table un effected so its good quality made but i have nothing to compare it to.Its surved me well in learning to play.

very good all around guitar.It has nothing wrong in apperance and looks like a fender strat so cant be half bad.can handle anything from the darkness to system of a down and creats convincing tones

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