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Forums 05/07/2005

ESP M-II DX :'s user review


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ESP Japonnaise, Alder body, Bolt 24 frets, 2 pickups, bridge and a double to a single inclined to the handle.
Original Floyd Rose bridge, rglage: 1 volume, 3 pos selector.
Channel wide and flat (like Jackson) medium frets, ESP logo 12th box, head backwards
Black Accoustillage


Channel trs enjoyable, though less than prcis Jackson (medium frets is not my trip, I have the glove fingers, long and thick). Access in Aiges is correct (they should have through the indoor infrieure horn) and another BMOL just the head, there is a kind of outgrowth in back of the neck (to solidify the determination of block chords) which is quite dsagrable and even sometimes painful (I know, I am a savage).
Weight is everything - fine for this kind of guitar.
Originally the guitar is a team of TB4 and a Di Marzio, trs c'tait good, but ....
As I said above, I am a savage and c'tait somewhat limited, so I changed to an active Emg kit (1 EMG 81 and SA 1) and say anything (to fawn all over you will hear nothing) is perfect for those who like Metallica, Megadeth and Co.


Guitar perfect for metal, to rock gnral.
Guitar plugs into PC (via Digitech RP3).
The crystal-clear sound, it's not his thing too the Emg 81 a bit too dry, which loves him is the bottom gain (or almost), and he loves it and asks for more. The SA is trs versatile and offers everything rchigner without being asked is what a good guy! But do not look either, because when he FCHE, hurt.
The two pickups are rich in harmonic trs (what a pleasure!)


I bought it in 2000 Used for 375 (I know, a nerve ...) a guy who could obviously not what he had in hand, it must be said silent dirty, compltement drgle (it looked like the bow of William Tell) and strings that must date from before the invention of the guitar is a true can be scary, but After a few hours of hard work and passion I have come to the result today.
It is simple trs (black, black Emg, accoustillage black, only taken small and logo are cut with black). For me it's really dark ct guitar, I love it!