ESP Series 400 Stratocaster
ESP Series 400 Stratocaster

Series 400 Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from ESP.

Mr Fern 10/17/2006

ESP Series 400 Stratocaster : Mr Fern's user review


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Guitar ESP 400 series copy of the Fender Stratocaster 1962 Series L. Has this copy made in Japan in 1982 for 20 years in the stratum model 62.
Alder body
Alder + rosewood handle. Channel al.

Channel C typical profile of the sleeves Fender
Start Mcaniques standard type.

Diapason Start, 22 frets, 3 vintage Start pickups simple type.

Start with normal vibrato bridge.

6 position selector, neck pickup, neck + central, central single, central + bridge, bridge alone.

The finishes are beautiful, the pearl again, the key sublime, the sunburst really Russia it is rst in the red orange / black and yellow did not become pissy like some more strats Chres today.

C'tait a good job for a copy. Trs's rarely seen I must say ....


Channel super comfortable and really cool action, although low. Key super enjoyable. Ergonomics is top. This is an excellent copy of which strat ...

The sound is what is most surprising: it is really like vintage. I must say that is pretty vintage Submitted.
He is a strat Typica, sounds the most ASCRS and funky riffs with 60's on 5 and 6mes strings. Trs versatile. Sublime sounds clear and punchy sound and crunch and blues distos trs.


This guitar should trs many styles of music. Today APRS over 20 years of loyal service, it enters the CATEGORY guitars that have aged really well. So, del sound strat she's grain vintage particular, a little "enrouquot; intermdaires positions in and above it is absolutely incredible extreme positions: acute or severe with the tonal 3 6, it is in the spirit Fender 60's no problem.
You can spend a big fat well its a super sharp in two movements.


I use this for 20 years scratching all round this year.
I prfre is its sound and its ergonomics. It is lgre is very well balance. The sound is remarkable.
The least: it would be the vibrato a bit steep I got. But I am used to surf guitars from Fender and it flexible so the rev ...
This is an opportunity to know the average price recorded in 1000 euros (it was worth dj francs between 4000 and 5000 new beginners 80) to afford a vintage Start that really does. Well, no real strats concurencer dezs sixties means, but no problem competing with those of the same era, 80's. APRS even better test, some Fender. This guitar is wanted in the USA trs, trs her for her warm. Eh! so Japan could make guitars as in the 80's. As we know, but it verifies all the better since these guitars took the bottle and they really bluffing us today.