Fender Custom Shop MasterBuilt '59 Ultimate Relic Stratocaster
Fender Custom Shop MasterBuilt '59 Ultimate Relic Stratocaster

Custom Shop MasterBuilt '59 Ultimate Relic Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Custom Shop Stratocaster series.

Badcard 04/02/2008

Fender Custom Shop MasterBuilt '59 Ultimate Relic Stratocaster : Badcard's user review


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Made in the USA by the custom shop.
In this case, it is a Masterbuilt John Cruz.
Alder body, part 2.
Channel rosewood fingerboard, 21 jumbo Frets narrow type.
Profile "Mid 60's oval" C ", radius 9.5"


It's a Start, so I'll spare you the description, but the qualities of a Custom Shop, and a fortiori a MasterBuilt make an exceptional guitar.
It is quite similar to a Rory Gallagher, with a look close to a SRV.

The varnish on the back of the neck is almost completely gone (not just there for that matter), and this makes my guitar the most enjoyable to play! So much so that I wonder if I will not "sand" the handle of my other guitars!?!


Sounds "stratabound" are simply amazing!

Heavy treatment (in this case Ultimate) Relic, allows the wood to the guitar to resonate more freely.
It immediately feels the resonance of the instrument and the rich timbre.

The micro coiled by hand are pure wonder. It seems that every position is "typed" as my other strats ...


I love this guitar.
It is unique in its making Masterbuilt, and are look.
This is the stratum that allows me the easiest to reproduce the sounds of my "guitar hero" (playing on Start, of course)
I bought it after scouring all the guitar shops in New York and the surrounding area and tested dozens of high-end Start.
It was a love at first sight ...