Fender Classic Player '50s Stratocaster
Fender Classic Player '50s Stratocaster

Classic Player '50s Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic Player Stratocaster series.

bbhack 05/04/2013

Fender Classic Player '50s Stratocaster : bbhack's user review

«  Excellent strat for a reasonable price »

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Description available at Fender:

- Http://www.fender.fr/products/search.php?partno=0141102344

To summarize this is a strat "classic" with a maple neck and a body part a three-piece alder, with three U.S. microphones, a set of mechanical gotoh "vintage locking" and a 5-way switch quite a bit particular.

The model is available in two finishes: silver (AF photo) or two-tone sunburst. Note that Fender offers a handle with maple fingerboard on CP50.

I have no complaints about the finish or no frets, but I bought my copy in a store and I have checked the instrument before checkout.

Inside wiring is clean, but remained qq waste sawdust I subsequently removed ...


Fairly light guitar ~ 3kg, very nice to work and play without tiring standing!

Channel "old school" V-shaped profile, fairly substantial, but I find extremely enjoyable! Say it is typically the kind of unusual round we love or hate, but can not be ignored.

The action is pretty low and very comfortable playing ...

The selector is unique in the sense that the position 4 (from the bridge) activates the neck and bridge pickups. The "standard" neck pickup position + environment is not available on this model.

However on my copy it is possible to get a 6th position selector starting with 4 and sliding slightly to the three that gives sth approaching the classical position 4 ... I do not know if there is a loose connection in the switch (wiring is clean) or if it is a misuse remains possible other selectors / models ...

The quality of the knobs is very correct. They can not say a lot of variations, however they lack a bit of finesse in the beginning of the race.

Well I'm not a fan of locking tuners "vintage" because I find them inconvenient. But we must admit that they do a good job because the tuning stability is excellent!

To summarize, we are dealing with an extremely comfortable because low light strat, action and taking good agreement ...


The guitar excels in the funk, the affro the hendrixien blues, reggae, rock, very old school, anything that "slap".

on the other hand hard to get out of the round sounds more "jazzy" ... The bass is still a bit too far back.

As against the sound delivered is very precise and well-defined clear that both saturated. Moreover it has a very nice color "old."

Overall sound quality is excellent but the instrument does not offer a huge versatility.

While the 5 (or 6) positions allow variations but still a bit in the same register.


Basically we are dealing with an instrument of good quality, light, easy to play and provides incredible sound.

Behind the scenes it is a lack of versatility for the lack of range sound more "round" sound.

This is a guitar that has a true musical identity opposite strat that say "general".

This can be seen as a defect or quality, it depends on what you want ...

Personally I was looking for a more funk-oriented and I must say I am fulfilled, hence the relatively high overall rating guitar!

In a year of intensive use nothing "moved" which seems to confirm the quality of manufacture.

A budget needs and equal choice I would do with your eyes closed.