Fender Deluxe Players Strat
Fender Deluxe Players Strat

Deluxe Players Strat, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Deluxe series.

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Twx 11/26/2011

Fender Deluxe Players Strat : Twx's user review

«  Happy picking! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Quickly: Mexican vintage bridge with screws 7, 21 frets and micro noiseless.
Rosewood handle, with a small standard electronic switch to activate the bridge pickup all the time.


The handle is quite enjoyable. Plutt finished well on my MODEL. I prfre the handle of Tlcaster's (in the form of which more than my hand) but each his own right?
The form is standard, but I think the weight a little to suprieur strats standards, though.

Sound: I admit that I cracked direct. The microphone is of good quality no noise except when the volume is about 7 but remains trs trslger ... I do not know why but I guess there are a . The sound is well CHARACTERISTICS of fenders, no surprise that the ct but I will discuss later.

The overall finish is really good. And the color is really nice with the wood grain visible under the paint.

Otherwise some of the quality of mcaniques. The beginning Ds, some uses of vibrato dreglait guitar ... So much so that plutt than leaving floating I al the body. In addition, you can not properly rgler certain harmonics because the screws dfaillantes (NAFTA) of one of the bridges of m'empche rgler the height of it and more, the height decreases over Thurs .. I end up with a rope lower than others. Being given that I have no business use of the instrument, a password ... bah But I hsit change several times the original one against another. But my meager pay of Students does not allow me that kind of fantasy;)
Otherwise, the color of golden mcaniques oxidizes quickly ... A shame for the look but gives a little vintage effect.

Nevertheless, APRS three and a half years without making rgler it sound correct trs, even drgle! My friends are always Bluffs it's a.

I put my mcaniques only 6, but it is worth 7 for the rest.


Level style, I love playing Led Zep, Hendrix, stuff like arctic monkeys latest issue, and sometimes a little mtallica, SOAD, or others. I use a Fender Roc Pro, which is a transistor with a lamp prampli. A good amp but not crystal clear sound terrible terrible saturated. Anyway, I get him out almost every sound I want. The absence of double coil prevents some more stuff to play hard, but still sounds. I beginners to regret not taking the MODEL HSS, but a favorite is a favorite!
For cons, I can not find the switch intrt of the bridge pickup. It does not change very little sound, and your exact limit is often worse than no. In any case it does not justify the price surcrot.


I use it for over 3 years. I really look forward to allow me the dpense. The sound is really falling in comparison with other models and is of Mexican strats amricaine level. Too bad for mcaniques feeble, would have made it a jewel.
I bought the era quite expensive, but I find the Q / P plutt good. It is better to type the 200 euros and more than dip into The models lower-end brand. The guitar goes by without a problem and to make amricaine live there's no fear to figure ct ple of others!

With exprience however, I would try my luck in a MODEL Used. For the same price there some way to find the best ct guitars second hand. Although, it must be lucky.

If you have the means to change the bridge, go for it! One of the best Mexican, try to have a package.