Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2002-2006]
Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2002-2006]

Highway One Stratocaster [2002-2006], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

Chato_Dur 12/17/2005

Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2002-2006] : Chato_Dur's user review


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Audience: Beginners
Great guitar, very comfortable, violin US forces. Electronics in good order.

- The varnish, he quickly takes the bread, it makes a style, but be warned, if you're the kind of love the guitar effect "new" is going to require attention.

- The vibrato and mechanical are not terrible, I did not change (I have the guitar for 2 years) so it's not a "problem" but sometimes I find it lightweight. Nothing alarming though.


Nothing to say about the use, super comfortable, nice, Fender is USD. No worries.


Very good but not perfect for my taste:

- The pickups are very good in serious but weaklings in acute I think. It's hard to judge this, I have not had time to try on many amps, but be sure to have a proper gear at the output for a good audio performance.


2 years and a half of service, this guitar is a must-have for beginners who already have the passion or those on a budget.

Go for it.