Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2002-2006]
Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2002-2006]

Highway One Stratocaster [2002-2006], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

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staralex 11/14/2005

Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2002-2006] : staralex's user review


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- Start US blonde
- 22 frets
- Clear Channel


- The handle is a vritable wonderful, easy play, with a sharp Access in pretty easy. Personally I used to play with a Les Paul so I think that this stratum of c and lightweight ....
- The level is a good fender so we quickly find the sound of Jimmy Hendrix or Pink Floyd, its a typical fender.


I play with a Marshall Valvestate amp, and I find in this guitar is irreplaceable clean and overdrive with the amp is just as well, however, when he put a Boss Metal Zone distortion like to play the Metal or Hard Rock is on the microphone I prefer the SG or Les Paul, although playing with the layer distortion is a pleasure.


I use this guitar for almost two years and I never loose, the whole myth of Fender under the fingers ... the only small BMOL .... it's painted on the highway a patent spcial moin CHRE allowing just lower their selling price ... so I really like the fact of seeing wood grain is polished but this class is not very strong and rapidly is emerging multiple small pets at the same time ... it is what gives the charm a strat right?