Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2006-2011]
Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2006-2011]

Highway One Stratocaster [2006-2011], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

Topprog 09/24/2009

Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2006-2011] : Topprog's user review


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This is the Highway 1 "upgrade" released in late 2006. The first model, although dja trs good, were not the same hunanimit Fender resellers who were not from some Mexican COMPTITE. The Fender Custom Shop has put his nose and a t relook MODEL microphones changs, namely: - a 70's head, large, and I find pluttrussie rare in brand. - New colors nitrocellulose lacquer finish. New-jumbo frets. - 3 Alnico 3 (3 magnets), with central micro polarity and winding inverss to reduce background noise in position 2 and 4. - Tone Circuit "greasebucket" for neck and bridge pickups (the micro does not have central CONTRL of Tone to keep some shine with zero-Tone.
Otherwise, the bridge was "vintage" 6 anchors with vibrato of the brand.
For my part as I could bnficier left that color with transparent wine rosewood fingerboard is smooth but not trs "flashy" (good 50 banks I will not do in the fluo either: <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" /> )
. Note that MODEL is the only brand that can get by without left surcoat. Thank you!
The nitro lacquer trs end is very special: it has the advantage of leaving "sounding" the wood more easily and inconvnient of being more fragile. 2 Depuispresque ansque I have this guitar, I can say that this varnish patina beautifully with points of friction, and donnnant INTERESTED nuances and highlighting the grain of wood in a beautiful cherry color much mre ! We may not like this varnish. See you in 20 years ..... a "relic !!???
If not for the rest, the quality of manufacturing is well within the price range, nothing more, nothing less. Remember that this is the Start of US-end 849 euros.


Operation is simple, as all the Strat.Tous rglages chevaletsont possible, the strings do not curl.
Purchased in a "Cyberstore" it took tighten all the screws (mcaniques, bridge) for the agreement to hold better.
Restejuste a small tendency to drape out of the middle needle stick, but it can be used to my other guitar or a default of my game! Vibrato is vintage Fender, it's not a Floyd, then do not abuse it, except at the end of the song because it dsaccorde fast guitar. It is not for the Dive bomb is sr!!
. The handle is easy to play


I have friends holders of American Standard, Deluxe and Signatured'annes diffrent and I must say they have t tonns sounds of bte!
The pickups have all the grain Fender is sr, but they are "explosives", the Custom Shop Bravo!
I now play on Line 6 Spidervalve offering saturations maxis, onesti and really not far from a sound "humbuckers" in the neck position.
APRS, from clean to overdrive through the crunchc'est as fun as it holds up (normal for a Highway!) And shows tural versatility.


Used for almost two years, I would do this choice.
It's not a Fender US cheap, for sure! You can really s'clater on this guitar, but Gibson will be no sound either!.
Output great fanfare by the brand advertising, it MRIT its success (it's rare that a Fender gives its name ...). MODELS
Now the choice is so vast in the mark (at least for the left) that everyone can find happiness. I wanted a Start, universal (a sound that can only love because it is found in all styles of music), not to ruin me, and I'm not.
A beautiful and good guitar: Do not hesitate!