Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2006-2011]
Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2006-2011]

Highway One Stratocaster [2006-2011], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

MGR/Nick 11/07/2003

Fender Highway One Stratocaster [2006-2011] : MGR/Nick 's user review

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I had been playing the eletric guitar nearly a year now and the magic and intense feeling of power and fun that it gave me had not worn off. I had a Squier Standard and though satisfied seeing a fender made me green with envy. I was passionate for a fender U.S.A but knew that with the cheapest being around £800 it would be a long time before my chacne to purhase one arrived. This is when i saw the Highway Stratocaster, it was in bonners eastbourne and cost £599 i played it and couldnt put it down and next week is was mine to keep.

Well, if you want a Fender built guitar made in the U.S.A a classic vinatge style guitar it has to be a strat. The highway strat is the cheapest U.S.A built fender but by no means the worst. I play Eric Clapton and Blink 182 riffs with it and it suits them both briliantly. The quality of sounds is amazing; juicy, warm, mellow or twangy and bright. The Laquer finish which is what makes it so cheap gives it a class look. The best bit about the guitar though is the neck which fits so snuggly and perfectly your hands feel alive. Highly Recommended if you want Style, Class, Sound and the name.

Next to nothing, this is a brilliant buy and unusually for guitars you have gained high quality for a lesser amount of money. The only thing i noticed is that the tone knobs can be slighly loose and that the finish can dent easily but if you are careful it darkens slowly in time and once played on for about 4 months improves drasticlly.

The quality is a world above the mexican made fenders and a breath away from the standard series. The neck used for the neck is top knotch and all nuts and bolts firmly in place. You really get the feeling you are holding more than the amount you pay for it.

So to sum it up, if you want a guitar with character, thats a classic design for a cheaper price made by the best guitar company then this is tyour guitar. Whatever you play soon it'll become the olny guitar you want and can match i think even the deluxe series. An Amazing guitar the best Value for Money ever!

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