Fender Hot Rodded American Lone Star Stratocaster
Fender Hot Rodded American Lone Star Stratocaster

Hot Rodded American Lone Star Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

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rhum66 11/10/2004

Fender Hot Rodded American Lone Star Stratocaster : rhum66's user review


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US-Strat 1997
-21 Frets / raduis 7.25
-2 Texas spcial a pearly gate seymour duncan
-Bridge has two anchor points


It is a small round merveille.Attention the raduis + is accented on the standard american MODEL: 9.5 "
Accs-type in acute classique.Fender innovative strat finally on the deluxe MODEL (shoe chamfer)
The-texas-round sends you the sounds of SRV live next position out of phase (mdium + handle) is a marvel of expressiveness vritablement we rediscover the real "expressivitquot; fingertips. trs central position is well: right balanced and powerful.
Acute phase out the position is crystal clear and sharp, but I knew better on other models, I think duncan Splitt is not the height of a single chavalet like all strata .
Finally, the pearly gates: trs good, not amazing output level but a lot of grain and balance vis-a-vis spectrum frequency drives due to other microphones.


-Ideal for blues-rock guitarist.
On a hybrid fender-93 (field 25 SE) is hot and even better with a tube screamer: it sounds blues roots rock.Mais I think we should have an orgasm on a tube amp style DSL 401 or twin.
On a small cube roland modlisation trs is also good.


Buy-in of 900 OCCAZ pigalle lead guitar in 2003.
-That is the stratum texas spcial hyper expressive characters with a vintage trs, I love it.
"It is my number one, the only default, the hum Fender made in any excuse by the magic of sound.
One day-if I lose this guitar, I cry all the tears from my body.