Fender Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster
Fender Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster

Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

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74sundance 07/30/2005

Fender Special Edition Lite Ash Stratocaster : 74sundance's user review


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This is a great investment, but beware! Fans of hard rock, metal and punk, go your way. Fender micro typical configuration, and a wood species (frne), with excellent sound quality. Perfect instrument for blues, rock, jazz, and ... That's it! This instrument does assembled in Korea, on assembly lines in CORT, (work so very very careful), the specifications rpondant Fender, and all provided by Fender. (Wood and hardware).
Report quality / price, 10 / 10!


The handle is in Saddle profile Mouchet C, modern type, with a grip quite enjoyable, even if not painted. Too bad! This does not prevents it from being really good trs. CHAC is easy j'usqu 'the 20 th box, a little freestyle to del ... Given the profile of the handle, everything seems possible. The guitar is lgre and rsons beautifully, even in the sound - it's a good sign! As for her, once the instrument rgl - bridge, bridges, strings, pickups, nothing wrong. However, once the instrument dballe good rglage gnral required: For my part, I mounted the ropes with a draft more importantly, more sustain, which implies a tad tighten the tremolo in the box. Then, think also tighten mcaniques on the head, which tend to be up a bit lightweight. Let us not forget the microphones ... handle: 0.5 0.4 bass to treble, middle: 0.45 0.4; and bridge: 0.4 0.3. And all lights on an amp, the sound!


For his blues rock, nothing wrong, even if my taste, the three Seymour Duncan sound a little too modern. A little mtalliques. Submitted but the sound is at once the entire sleeve. Good big potato, which has nothing to envy signatures US models, including ... Good clear sound, clean, burr-free, nickel, what!


This is an excellent base dpart, given the price, quality wood, varnished, microphones, and the handle. The electronics are irrprochable. This instrument MRIT my eyes, the type of microphones mounted specially Texas or even riding a 50's neck, V, for the shape and quality of varnish. But that's a matter of personal taste, of course! Otherwise, given the price, and after trying many other models US, Japan and Mexico, here is my ranking: 1 in, MODEL Japan in two, tied with US moddele mod the Core, and very far behind, the models against Mexicans plate pasteboard ...
In addition, the instrument is really beautiful. There is one thing to take into Whereas: given the quality of violin making, wood species, and microphones on them, it took crop elsewhere for that price on the market : strings a bit shitty, fold plate 1, rgl no instrument at all, and sold in its raw dcoffrage cardboard, without cover or tui. If you kindly note DCID invest, do you bring tools to the rule, a beautiful tui - because she MRIT and a plate a little more rigid support for mieus microphones . Good luck!