Fender Special Edition Showmaster Scorpion HH
Fender Special Edition Showmaster Scorpion HH

Special Edition Showmaster Scorpion HH, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Showmaster series.

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Larramon 10/24/2006

Fender Special Edition Showmaster Scorpion HH : Larramon's user review


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Frabication Korea
24 jumbo frets
Vivrato 2 points
1 volume
Channel 24 boxes glued to a staggering ease


Channel extraordinary, flattened on the back button almost flat
Access to acute and I never had on other guitar aissi faclice seated and standing
The shape is that of a strat slightly more slender and with less edge rounding
It is light compared to a stratum standard (basswood body)
The SOUND! If you want the Shadows or Dire Straits first thought go your way
This gives the most clear sound telecaster type
For crunchy cons in the register is saturated with a treat. Sound very clear treble without unwanted hot in the medium. Ideal for the instrumental


It is not my only guitar so when I play Vinnie Moore, etc ... Rondat the guitar is
Used with a Flextone II tried but with different config and it surprisingly tjs
The sound is big if it meaningful to someone specific, it ressord well in a mix or on stage (no clear sound whatever ...)
My idol: Malmsteen


I for 2 years
I love everything about this guitar but you must know why they bought: Van Halen for the OK for the sixties rock, no, no, no
I play professionally for a long time and I had a lot of guitar remained a short time
This was part of my final set with a Malmteen Start, a Start Deluxe 50 ° annivairsaire a Godin ACS nylon Multiac Steel and the others are passing
Value for money ecxellent: you still have to deal with the beast in a luthier (planimetry)
Two negative point: the vibrato, and the nut (which I replaced with a graphite nut)
I got it for approx € 650 is really cheap
Choice to rebuild and to
But in this series Fender lived a year, there are still: run!
I do not know the value of the model, replace