Fender Stratocaster [1965-1984]
Fender Stratocaster [1965-1984]

Stratocaster [1965-1984], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

sludgecaptain 09/18/2013

Fender Stratocaster [1965-1984] : sludgecaptain's user review


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U.S. manufacturing
Carved ash body, brawny and especially very heavy.
Round rosewood fingerboard, 21 frets.
3 single pickups period.
Selectors 5 positions.
1 volume knobs, two tone knobs.
Yellow color "khaki" (some say olive green)


The neck is super nice, very fine, very easy to play.
Very light cargo, very little marked, one feels under the fingers barely (if at all).
The handle is slightly bent (the key is a "dome").

The guitar body is ash, it's very heavy for a Stratocaster.
If you play long standing attention to back pain. Well, at least the guitar is not cardboard!
(I note down a bit because of the weight of the guitar, but nothing serious!)


This guitar has a very nice clear sound rather typical for Blues / Rock, we can easily have a very big sound Stoner / Metal if it sticks to a good distortion (Rat or Fuzz) and a big amp.

The three microphones each have a very different sound, but all very 70's sound.
The bridge pickup side plenty of attack, slamming sound very, it can be a bit of personality (compared to two other mics) is missing.
The microphone he has tried his THE Jimi Hendrix par excellence. I rarely heard a strat sound as well (even in the hands of a novice!). Perfect for Blues / Rock.
Finally the neck pickup and well chamalo the low round well (a little too much for my taste).

The 5-way switch allows for either individual microphones alone or chavalet a mid-or mid-shaft coupling.

I have long played a VOX AC50 CPH + 4x12 Marshall what works.
For lovers of the good fat (Stoner), the neck pickups go very well with a big fuzz and a 2x15 cab. "


Bought by chance there are more than 10 years of opportunity.
I realize over time that this is a very good guitar. Especially given the value that I am (Stoner & Noiserock).
It works terribly for the Blues so well as for the Stoner!

I read a lot of articles on the Antigua '79 models that said it is a bad guitar, I did not really understand why. What is certain is that my '78 model is very good.
This guitar is very good side at the moment, but nothing in the world I would not sell.