Ibanez EDR170EX
Ibanez EDR170EX

EDR170EX, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the Ergodyne series.

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filou38 05/20/2005

Ibanez EDR170EX : filou38's user review


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We will not iron features ... apart microphones, c is indeed Powersound, c is the really cheap, but hey, they are still not a rotten this point, I have to exchange two seymour duncan , sh-2 jazz and sh-4, I have keep the microphone in the middle, and good, it really sounds weird ... c is due to the crate luthite ... it really changes the wood, if you hope warm sound of the scratch, go your way, in my opinion you can put what you want as microphones, ca will always do what its curious ...


The handle is nice, the Wizard II is a good race, is at least ca .... ca skids when even the high notes ... but hey ... I'm not satriani by weight against the result, one hour standing = 2 hours of reeducation ...


The sound, well ... it must love change so wood, it still manages to make cool stuff and unusual dining. C is on for the drunk or the song, it might make more than a laugh. ..
not, for cons to the music of space, good hard, progressive rock and symphonic ca password nickel.


C is a mid-range guitar, and even a little less than that, for the price, I'm not sure that it is worth the 450 euros that I put into it ais (you can do better) will do that for no microphones expensive of origin, but hey, she's beautiful (the output jack in the middle of the box, it sucks when even a little) relatively easy to play, and still nice, I would say that she is having second guitar fun, love you more if the fund luthite, c is an easily customizable scratches, which can quickly become a "big" with an investment, and yes it may be of delirium.
I do not think that choice again, but keep it as against the second guitar and customize without remorse.