Ibanez GRX170
Ibanez GRX170

GRX170, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the GRX series.

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CautionHot 03/09/2013

Ibanez GRX170 : CautionHot's user review

«  Good cheap guitar and well finished »

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It is an Indonesian. The bridge is a vintage style (it is a Fat 10). The handle is .. Flat and the guitar has 24 frets. Configuration is HSH pickups and has a 5-way switch. One volume, one tone, it's okay for the price.


The neck is super nice. Oiled and well finished, this is a really good handle Ibanez offers. The form Rg is easy to handle, the balance of the guitar and is compared to other guitars of the same range, it seems when you take this guitar into an instrument .. Real. Not like some JS30 etc.

Access to acute is easy as pie, and microphones do their job. Change can be a definite plus as the violin is really good.


Metal, hard rock, etc. .. This is his domain! The pickups are a little rough at high gain but it is not yet so disturbing. All sounds in standard tuning or drop in short, a real guitar! But I admit that the single microwave in the middle does not attract me.


This guitar is not for me but for my brother so she is in the family since we started playing. Tested in almost everything (see my hardware) is always present! Of low-end models I tested a lot and it stands out. I love the finish, the playability of this guitar. What I like least is the vibrato that does not agree (have to press it against the table to do more than it happens) and simple micro has no value on this guitar.

Very good guitar for beginners and resilient with age!