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coolgamer 10/01/2009

Ibanez GRX70 : coolgamer's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
-Made in Indonesia
-22 Boxes, 3 pickups: 2 double and 1 single
Vibrato-Modern Standard (fat 10)
5 position selector, 2 knobs (volume and tone)
Channel very fine and pleasant, a joy for shredders.
Excellent value for money


The handle is like I said fine and pleasant, which is normal for an Ibanez.
In terms of form is a guitar that is more "metal" because of its traits.Elle is very light and you do not feel tired when playing standing.
Access to acute and instant and easy given the delicacy of the neck (bolt-on neck).


I play but really all I can say that the sound is to go every time.
The neck pickup gives a fat and is perfect for everything powerchrds riffs or chords, bridge pickup will be used for solos and lead parts, I finally found that the micro singlecoil the middle gives a perfect lens for its fairly arpeggios or a little blues solo.
I played several amps (mine already: 15w epiphone, marshall MG30DFX and Blackheart Little Giant 5w) and I can assure you that the sound is excellent.
I also played on a Vox AC30 50w lamps and a marshall JCM100 head and frankly the quality is more than adequate even on a tube amp.


It's been 3 years that I have and if the choice had to be rebuilt it will be with joy, I have LOTS to this guitar which helped me to improve myself. I had a copy before Lespaul and the handle was too thick for my taste.
The value price is right.