Ibanez GSA60
Ibanez GSA60

GSA60, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the GIO SA series.

Mercury 01/06/2005

Ibanez GSA60 : Mercury's user review


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Indonsie c is marked above ^ ^
22 frets, a single microphone to the handle, a single microphone in the center and a double at the bridge
A vibrato bridge with a simple
5 positions slecteur microphone, a volume knob and one tonalitbr /> Manche vissbr /> Blackbody class, but messy


Super enjoyable round for a first guitar, rather flat. The finish is very good for a guitar of this price
Access to acute really aisbr /> Guitar slight and relatively simple form, it plays no problem sitting
CHARACTERISTICS of Ibanez sound is quite versatile, so yes we can say that we get a nice easy one


For a first guitar or you play a little every style of music without saying here I'm going to play AC and nothing else, c is an excellent choice
For my part coupled with an amp Peavey Envoy 110 40 W, which is also fairly neutral, I can go from blues to hard rock without blinking
But a real clean sound and a crystal can not have on this guitar in my humble opinion, rather prfrez sound rather neutral


I recommend this guitar has all the young people who want ptits discovered the guitar as a guitar such as this one, there is plenty to do. For my part, I have the last 3 years and I change just now. Then c is on, you may prefer a more guitar with a mouth of hell or that we saw in the photo, but I have rarely seen as well for beginners.
The accessibility and versatility of sound for a guitar of this price
I bought the new 250 has 3 years ago and if somebody beginners guitar without knowing what to take, I recommend this one without hsiter