Ibanez GSA60
Ibanez GSA60

GSA60, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the GIO SA series.

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MGR/delux_125 06/23/2004

Ibanez GSA60 : MGR/delux_125's user review

"Ibanez GSA60"

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I bought the ibanez on ebay, (with a case, a and little amp)for a total $200!!! the ax was in perfect condition!!! (The case is a squire fender case which is worth about $65! the amp is a little one, 10 watts which is like $45! i cant believe i got everything for $200!

The Ibanez GSA60 is a great ax for the price! i would gladly pay $210 for the guitar itself from musiciansfriend.com but i was a little tight on money and went the ebay route! it has a great agathis countour s body. all my friends want the ax when they see it. its a great sounding guitar, with the powersound pickups! awesome feel in your hands. the paint job is jewel blue and looks wicked! truley a superb guitar for the price!

the 1st string gets out of tune once in a while, but whos lazy enough not to tune it back??

great construction! neck is smooth and sleek! one humbucker and two coil pickups for great sound! paint job is really nice. construction is great, as is all IBANEZ guitars! great feel of playing in your hands!

superb guitar for the "low on cash" person!
its a great guitar for beginners or to keep on playing for a good while! excellent value and quality!

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