Ibanez JEM 10th Anniversary
Ibanez JEM 10th Anniversary

JEM 10th Anniversary, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the Steve Vai series.

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Jem10 01/17/2005

Ibanez JEM 10th Anniversary : Jem10's user review


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Made in the United States.


The JEM GeneralThe Ibanez JEM series was designed by Steve VAI (www.vai.com). This is professional instruments, which are far from the reach of all budgets (Ibanez offers a model derived, the RG series, which has characteristics of JEM imitated, but build quality obviously less high range, and with different microphones).
Channel 24 cases, fully accessible: no gene for play on the 24th box, is the absolute anti Les Paul!
The button is very wide, and it takes getting used to, nothing to do with the narrow neck of Fender. JEM is a real highway, which allows for maximum speed and cleanliness. Listen to Steve Vai ...
The neck is very stiff, and does not work at all. Perfect tuning stability. Touche very flat, very thin neck. Comfort.
Start body style, much improved. Great ergonomic and beautiful.
The guitar is very light - nothing to do, either, with a Les Paul. Disadvantage: the JEM is relatively fragile, it does not refrain from dropping ...
Ibanez signed floating tremolo, perfect - much better than the Floyd Rose.
Microphones differ depending on the model, see www.ibanez.com for apprécialtion sound, see www.harmony-central.com. These are in any case never V7, S1, V8, unlike writes Jo Gaston Melmef https://fr.audiofanzine.com/guitare-sc/ibanez/jem-10th/-these, we only found on the RG, and are not recommended (the RG is an excellent guitar, as far as to replace the pickups). The JEM, the microphone is emblematic Di Marzio EVOLUTION (www.dimarzio.com - a micro to very high output, super punch, acute clarissimi.
The JEM in particular 10
This is a particular model of JEM, Ibanez has produced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of manufacturing. Black body, picture of very high-end aluminum pickguard, etc.. : http://www.jemsite.com/axes/model/jem10.htm see - one of the finest guitars ever made. There are only 852 in the world, and they are very expensive.


I use basically a one Line 6 VETTA II: https://www.line6.com/vetta_ii/US/.
The Di Marzio pickups EVOLUTION fully support all electronic processing, and can attack any amp. The sound is always clear and powerful. It is a microphone that does not forgive anything, everything is picked up, including guitarist imperfections ...


I bought my JEM 10 in Germany, in December 2002. I do not use in the studio: a too fine instrument to risk damaging it on a stage (JEM will prefer, white or blue).
It's a perfect guitar.
The price of the JEM 10, as I said, is very high. Is justified only for lovers who can afford it. The JEM 7 is expensive too, but not more than any other instrument that high quality. If you are considering investing in a great guitar - Stratocaster, Les Paul, ... - It would be ridiculous not to compare with JEM.