Ibanez RG1550MZ
Ibanez RG1550MZ

RG1550MZ, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the RG Prestige series.

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darkman 08/17/2003

Ibanez RG1550MZ : darkman's user review


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"It is a Japanese-made guitar as the best guitars in Ibanez.
-24 Boxes. Pickups Ibanez v7 s1 v8. 5 positions: handle, sleeve + inter, inter, inter + bridge, bridge
Lo-Pro Edge tremolo Ibanez licensed Floyd (best vibrato licensed market!)
Channel wizard II hyper comfortable


Channel super comfortable, super late. It allows all styles without problem. A round of shredders!
-Access to acute is disconcerting ease.
Ergonomics-perfect: it is a row koi!
Easily obtained, the big sound with the bridge pickup, which is his favorite. The only problem is the neck pickup. It will work a little more sound on the amp and pedals to overcome some such default.


It is suitable for large-metal sound with the bridge pickup, but all that is rock, Shredder. Pr blues and clean sounds, you can use the intermediate positiosns giving her a very bright and slamming.
-I play with a boss gt5. It goes very well! Amps: stacks and other tube amps with a big sound (mesa boogie, marshall, peavey (it goes very well with I think), but also a ampi fender lamps.
On an all-tube-like marshall, boogie, peavey, we get a big sound hollow metal if the mediums, and his ideal pr long solo with more mediums. It was also a more fat on a marshall with a lot of mediums. In his clear, intermediate positions are very close to the fender! So on a Fender all-tube ca does. The handle is hot enough, round with a touch of brightness with a fender twin type. But on a marshall or peavey amp in its clear sound is a little dull with the neck pickup.
-The sounds I prefer: big sound with peavey pickup or handle: ca is close to the typical sound of Steve Vai (he has some old rg 550!). The sounds that I dislike: clear sound with the neck pickup on an amp that is not made clear sound pr. It sounds a bit bland.


-It's been a year since I have it.
"I love the vibrato and the handle.
"I tried many guitars, and in relation to my budget, I was the best pr
-Very good. Especially if you change the pickups (Yen 1500 frs of pr + max), and there was a guitar that rivals the high end ibanez, which still costs 2000 francs of pr + mini guitar almost identical.
-I buy it back again.