Ibanez RG1570
Ibanez RG1570
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brickandtoast 11/04/2005

Ibanez RG1570 : brickandtoast's user review


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- This guitar is a guitar made in Japan ... SERIES beautiful violin even if it's not a gibson! Mine is blue with purple reflections mtal. The varnish is fragile so be careful!
- There are 24 jumbo frets us comfortable trs (discussed later ...). There are three microphones: the double V7 in the neck position, the simple position intermdiaire S1 and finally the double V8 in the bridge position (config MSM).
- The bridge has the license Pink Floyd: it grows perfectly blends into the treble and bass. Ngatif single point of this type of bridge ... is the change of strings. It takes forever change compared a normal bridge.
- There is a volume pots and one for the bass and treble. The microphone has slecteur 5 position.
- The handle is of type Wizard (curve or hollow with rosewood fingerboard so very nice for comfort.
- I put 9 because it is a good guitar gnral trs.


- Ah the handle ... Here we go again As I said above the handle .. ben: it's what Ibanez's quick, comfortable prcis and trs. Ideal for taping.
- Access in acute is not difficult.
- The guitar has a trs good ergonomics in terms of shape but I find it a bit heavy ... but good.
- Here I'll put a little 9 because there is no better handle on Ibanez. 9 because I am demanding and that nothing is perfect.


- I was playing punk, now I play the new mtal! But I changed scratching I do not play it ... well almost.
- I play on a small Marshall amp and a AVT50 pdalier Boss ME50.
- I find the small RG versatile enough! We obtain the desired sound quickly. In his clear, the microphone position intermdiaire the S1 is not bad at all. I find her quite round. For crunch, I recommend the bridge pickup position and intermediate (between S1 and S8). Finally saturated the V8 is quite a good job: his incisive and prcis. My amp does not reproduce the exact sound of the RG because it's Marshall. Same advice when I chang of the microphones because they do not like her or forcment you dig the sound with a good amp ... try it!
- The score will be 7 because the pickups are Ibanez (not the champions of micro ...) but when even a good versatile sound.


- This will make 4 years that I have! No dfaillance up l!
- I love its shape sexy! It is very easy take in hand, guitarists beginners will be met. Its versatility, rapidity and comfort are the CHARACTERISTICS of the RG! Floyd the application a little getting used to but nothing mchant. Too bad the varnish has s'enlve some places ...
- I tried Washburn, Peavey (dsol. ..), Fender and I think the RG has no worries come at the price it was sold o!
- It's coming! The quality-price ratio is simply great for the mileu end! I sell mine because I dsormais a IC400 iceman!
- But in hindsight I do not regret the purchase at all! I would do this choice because I pass trs good times with him! I needed something else to go ... Farewell RG snif!
- Overall rating ... 9! Vive RG