Ibanez RG1620X
Ibanez RG1620X
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iamqman 10/11/2011

Ibanez RG1620X : iamqman's user review

« Cool hand Luke »

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The Ibanez guitars are known for very budget friendly instruments for the musician and hand. Most musicians that I've ever known how probably on a budget they don't have very much money. That's where these guitars come into play in that they are very good price instruments have a great feel and overall pretty good versatility to them. They're not very flashy guitars and overall don't look that appealing. But they're very good guitars for someone he's interested in getting to learn how to play the electric guitar or someone you need to shredding guitar.


Prestige 3 piece Wizard neck

17mm at the 1st and 19mm at the 12th fret

430mm Radius rosewood fretboard

43mm nut width

Jumbo frets

Basswood body

Double Edge Pro piezo trem

Direct mount p/u's

V 7 neck p/u

V 8 bridge p/u

Simultaneous piezo/magnetic out

Cosmo Black hardware

Galaxy Black


Is guitar sound pretty good in pretty much any setting that you have a men. They're not very good at bluesy clean style guitar playing. But if you give them a loaded distortion or high gain saturation the nervous drive in that type of environment. I really like these guitars with the Mesa boogie amplifier because you get really thick saturated recto style of gain saturation which mixes very well with this type of guitar. Overall this is very cool sounding guitar for the money.


You can find these guitars pretty much anywhere you look for guitar related or instruments retailer. He could find my mind pretty easily as well which is a good source to find a used one or inexpensively priced one on the classifieds. These are fun guitars for anyone is looking to learn how to play the guitar for someone who needs a good shredding guitar at a budget friendly price.