Ibanez RG2020X
Ibanez RG2020X
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morlock24 11/06/2006

Ibanez RG2020X : morlock24's user review


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Manufacturing made in japan for this small series ibanez prestige.
Benefitted from the handle 24 boxes and finish prestige. It has two humbucker + piezo sensors molded into the decks of floyd (bridge Ibanez lo pro) connection: Volume + Tone humbuckers RELISA of a 5-way switch. Pernet of swich a pass mode which has a piezo volume. Possibility (thanks to two jacks) of branchr guitar on two amplifications another small swich can then pass the signals on one or the other output of the instrument.


The handle is finished in "prestige" which gives it a very enjoyable and gentle touch to the hand, so speed (it's a rgale). The handle is not fine enough for it to be as thin that a sword. ACCS Acute thanks to body shape and profiling of the heel is extremely ais.
to the form: c a fairly typical rock forms RG see donc.mais finishing shop "tlb" blue transparant with a bevel around the instrumet wood color finish gives a beautiful (all about got on well ... if we do not like the blue)
The sounds are very typ di Marzio (since the microphone is) so its rock trs. when the piezo it sounds pretty cool. and it was not the possibility to be able to mix the two sounds


I play the gutar a JCM900 with either pedal boss or a boss VF1. I am satisfied with the trs guitar and it suits all my expectations and made my style of music (enough rock, blues see metal). Only complaint is cold and the piezo synthetic shame not to have the possibility of the two shuffled sounds (electric and piezo) and not having a tone on the piezo MODEL.


I sit between the row or esp horizon, but being able to have his election and on the same guitar electro sduit me.