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Jean-marc bertrand 09/02/2005

Ibanez RG550EX : Jean-marc bertrand's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
CHARACTERISTICS correct for the price. It's not high art in terms of violin making, because it is industrial manufacturing. But it is also cheaper 2 3 X therefore must not ask too much. Even when finishing irrprochable. I love the color silver sand (nice dress to die) I love Bolt least moving in the Premire year of use (like all Bolt for that matter). Raccordage prvoir for a while then. I love the floyd that can be pushed around lol, I love the rear hatch of ACCS hyper easy, convenient to adjust the springs! The knobs are pellets, super nice. The pickups (passive arf ...) are beautiful but do their job taken care at the cost of the machine. The weight is gnial compared to other guitars. And above all strength of the standard RG SERIES: super wizard stick: a complete success. Super fast, easy ACCS all the notes (even if I do not like the jumbo frets tro rapido that wear over time). Shred, sweep and tap at will, then, progressive friends, go for it!


ITP advice: replace the microphone by the EMG active (81 or 85) and admnage encoire more. Otherwise the original ones do a good job even when. The bridge is more cutting edge. More prcis. The handle is more runny, heavier. Rhythmic brief and lead are well distingus. The slecteur 5 positions is effective and does not change too much noise in "channel". Tone is trs sensible. In short, the report quality price ibanez in the mid-range is still an excellent compromise. I find the range between low and high survalues ​​been careful to utiliss matrial. In terms of price, I think we found it perfectly in the range RG. Major rock types, fast and mtal but ... The series is if the other sword.


If the big positive is the handle ultra thoughtful ngatif the big point is the clear sound ... OK RG The series is not for a fare. With less than a round fender reverb possder death kills ki pais a double chorus, a High Level rverb and Dlay a fine program ... Zall galrer for arpges limpid and crystalline. In addition, on scne, I have a mesa boogie (rput not really for the cleanliness and neatness of clean sounds) so I would not tell ... For home, I had to invest and galrer not bad for clean sounds out of order. But with a ToneLab (the lamp gives a warm little roundness) and a multi SERIES effects (both those of the ToneLab, those of the sound card and those of cubase) it's OK ... But it takes time!


Qualitprix excellent (especially since it is now the only OCCAZ). Weight hyper OK! Channel gnialissime. Micros typs big rock sound, output level a little low ... beautiful dress in color silver sand. Pink Floyd and still prcis rsistant. We like the sound less clear and Bolt. The same thing with a handle and through a microphone (about 3) is warm and total happiness. Anyway, if you find one of OCCAZ, Do not hesitate too long.
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