Ibanez S520EX
Ibanez S520EX
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iamqman 09/03/2011

Ibanez S520EX : iamqman's user review

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Ibanez has been known for some of the greatest overdrive pedals in music history. They've built the Ibanez tube screamer and have probably been the most successful distortion overdrive pedal that is ever been manufactured. Ibanez seeks out to build an manufacture good quality sounding and very inexpensive instruments. Their guitars is no exception. You can get some of their much more prestigious guitars from their prestige line all way down to some of the most basic beginner guitars available.

So you have a vast array of different guitars for different folks different price ranges and definitely different build qualities. This guitar is a good guitar for someone he's learning the learning how to play the guitar and need something that will be very versatile but also be extremely comfortable to play. One of the great features that Ibanez has is there comfortable next and just overall feel and balance to the guitar. They're pretty inexpensive if what you get I think there is a lot more to be said than just the good price.


Available finish: BK black

Body material: mahogany

Neck material: 3pc maple

Neck scale/type: 25.5 in./Wizard II

No. frets/type: 22/jumbo

Fingerboard: bound rosewood

Inlay: S special on 12th fret

Bridge: ZR Zero Resistance tremolo

Hardware color: black

Neck pickup: IBZ Infinity 1 humbucker

Bridge pickup: BZ Infinity 2 humbucker

Controls: one volume/one tone/5-way switch

Other special features: Zero Point system


This guitar sounds phenomenal and a hiking amplifier setting. When you put this in front of say a Mesa boogie, or a Marshall, or a Bogner amplifier you can get some great singing lead and rhythm tones. What I really like about Ibanez guitars is a neck is so comfortable especially when you're playing lead lines and soloing. It has a very percussive and direct focus tone that lends itself to many metal players and hard rock players. These guitars have been used by many shredding guitar players because of the comfortability in the east to glide up and down the fretboard.

Another great feature and the sound of this guitar is that the humbucker pick ups. They're pretty cheap pick ups but overall they sound pretty decent in this guitar. Again this is not a high end boutique guitar and Ibanez does make those type of guitars for certain people's budgets. But this is going to be a guitar that's good to sound good and get you what you need for a very inexpensive price but with a great quality of sound.


You can find these guitar for right around $250 which is a great price for this. I highly recommend this guitar to anyone he's wanting to learn how to play the guitar or who just wants to step up to a shredder type guitar. It's a comfortable neck and a comfortable balance overall. The guitar has a decent balance and wait to it and the neck in my opinion is the selling point of these guitars. They're very comfortable and very nice and smooth on the backside which makes it easy to play. Anyone he wants to get into a good feeling guitar that needs something that will be ready for heart rock and metal and this is your guitar.