Ibanez SZ520QM
Ibanez SZ520QM
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damarus 11/12/2004

Ibanez SZ520QM : damarus's user review


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-22 Frets, with the lazy and 14th boxes 11/12/13

One-volume bridge, volume and tone nack bridge, selcteur + 3 positions

Al-neck profile and have a fawn ACCS Auw acute extrment gnial! you would think that there 24cases!

Fixed bridge-

Everything is chrome-


- The handle is quite enjoyable, but I will have felt a bit faster (well it's nothing, I'm not a shredder)

Access in acute-PERFECT, and I pse my word!

I find it quite heavy (over my Start) but nothing mchant, I'll do me! ergonomics is good

-Good sound: mouai .. still has the original pickups ibanez eh! a drooling is not clear, etc.


- For my style: bah I believe will go a ^, a strong change in microphone that will make this a little small bbte bbte that should not piss off! lol

I played on an old marshmall, so I give the no notice of my amp is crap, would not be a goal

It's just be warm enough on the stick (micro ibanez I speak eh) and fat and drooling on the bridge (too?)

-I like her enough to handle her, but I do not like too easel

----- I MET 7 Speaking of MICROS IBANEZ -----


- I reu even today (I just play over 2 hours)

"I love the handle and profile table and the color (burgundy)

-Nan had never tried such an ibanez dce (edr a 470ex and rg1270/370dx = <short, nothing to see)

Quality-price ratio without more, to change the pickups, so must cough up more, made a scratch more or less wholesale 700/750euros
I do it again this choice yes, but I tested a lot of guitars in the same price range, but niveu Aesthetics, I think this is one of only me flat!

I change the pickups and the jet nut I keep a good lil while!