Jack's Five
Jack's Five

Five, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jack's.

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joelatune 07/23/2006

Jack's Five : joelatune's user review


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-Well then, we'll make it simple ... the country where it was made? Ba, no idea.
-21 Frets, 2 pickups single (from the same brand)
Floyd-No, not even vibrato nothing!
Two-knob tone, volume, no mic selector
-Set neck


-I think those who made it were not guitarists, the handle is big, and it does not slip ...
-Access to acute is necessarily easy given the small size of the body ..
Ah-ah! Usability ... as a weight, no problem! Ba so you'd expect when you see the size of the body of the "scratch", then yes access is easy but sharp play with such a handle is no longer a pleasure but a fight (besides it's not just the handle that cuts the urge to play ..) in addition to peeling paint everywhere! and when I say peeling is not a small chton is chunks of paint that stand in ...
infact we quickly realized that this is a JUNIOR GUITAR!
The sound is obviously catastrophic ..


-It does not fit any style of music ...
-Even with an amp like a fender twin amp, you get nothing, it's clear this is not a guitar, it just has the "form"
The sounds are clear-rotten! It's boiled tone, the distortion is like taking a ukulele, put a microphone in front, plug the amp, there will be no distortion ...
-No sounds are decent, it was predictable cose a single coil of two second-hand ... (you'd think the bass pickups, but not even good enough to make a bass) .. pffff


I do not use over many years! And that's good, I bought it to see what it looked (for fun ..). I do nothing about this guitar, I hate: the body The handle, sound, appearance, "violin", everything! For € 50 I remake this choice for smashing on stage ...


a + the scratch! ^ ^