Jackson JS30DKT Dinky
Jackson JS30DKT Dinky

JS30DKT Dinky, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the JS series.

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Steiff Nowhere 08/24/2005

Jackson JS30DKT Dinky : Steiff Nowhere's user review


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JS t 30 was first manufactured in Japan but is now manufactured in India (I do not have prjugs but I can not say that it reassures ...) .
22 frets, 2 humbuckers Micor Jackson, one volume, one tone and a 3 slcteur positions.
It possde vibrato JT 500.
The handle is of type U, that is to say large is flat.
It is true that this guitar is simple and rather well done for this price range ... and then you look in the dtails and we see a plate accsa lctronique the back which is pro Minente, and knobs for volume and tonality that put screeching noises when you use them on a channel saturated.
In short, the good alongside the least and that's what this guitar really résumé.


The handle that is unvarnished trs enjoyable, wide and flat (we like it or not, it tastes dpend). However, these gentlemen in Jackson could refine some of the heel stick ... damage.
The weight is not EXAGRES but the head tends dive ... but nothing serious trs.
on the other hand, or the I'm surprised it's in sound. For this price I think it sounds great and it is not hard to get a good sound (especially if you like the big rock and mtal).
on the other hand, where I do not understand is the floyd.Pourquoi s'entter has put one on this price? Let me explain ... This guitar is made for beginners fan of m tal and other big rock, and they quickly understand their pain when it comes time to change strings! of the same if they want to appear different to agree ... It's a nightmare! In addition, the floyd is not really well done! My buddy wanted to fit in C, and now the strings are now hitting the box numro 1!
In addition the installation of a rope pulling harder (which requires a rglage the floyd and is virtually indispensable player mtal; dstinea music that scratches), plus the fact that necessary to change the knob and the note goes on for 100 euros ... So at this level is trsdcevant but maybe my friend is falling on the wrong scratch!


This guitar is of course necessary to mtal, to hard and heavy rock! However, for the blues I skyscraper tonn and clear sound is pretty good for this kind of guitar! The pickups are rather good and Jackson looks like the EMG. That's why I deprecated the change of microphones because they are good and fill out their rle. Also I am not convinced that it would change normment.
This guitar is not polivalente but said the Clent Jackson looks for versatility? This is guiate dstin to large distortion dbruille but its clear! For that price I pat! So I put 9 with due consideration that it is a low-end (not a mid-range that would be located over the vicinity of 600.700 ers)


My buddy uses it for over 2 years and it is this that I started playing guitar! What I like most? sound !!!!! I dtest is its use of the floyd that makes it tedious and may put off more than a beginners big fan of sound that this instrument is yet dstin. I play on Tlcaster (the one is in a world aute !!!!) and it is not clear that yaa photo (but the comparable comparont ..). The report has qualitprix and medium- oprer view of change to make it more reliable (shift knob, the rglage floyd). I believe that beginners will see twelve o'clock the door with an Ibanez or Squier easier to use and which will be manufactured in a factory over "srieuse". APRS should try it and see if the sound will offset the default of the instrument.