Jackson JS30DKT Dinky
Jackson JS30DKT Dinky

JS30DKT Dinky, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the JS series.

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alainculte 05/21/2005

Jackson JS30DKT Dinky : alainculte's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Jackson JS30 jap
22 frets 2 humbuckers jacksons
Jackson licensed Floyd Rose bridge
3 position micro switch + 1 tone and 1 volume
stick thin enough ideal for quick games
screw the handle down a bit to access the acute but nothing major
block-chord be as little a bit annoying for some stuff but you get used.


The neck is super comfortable despite what I just said screw on the handle and power cord and is easily reached on the last play Cargo
the shape of the handle is very flattened, some do not like, I love ...
the sound is saturated immediately a sound that sounds good and you get to have a "virtually" all sounds saturated k'on want (from hendrix to metallica sepultura through ...) if the branch on a amp properly. against by the clear sound you need a little tweaking but it still manages to have something about right ... c mainly a metal guitar sound so clear .... lol
the weight is negligible compared to a les paul ...


It suits my style of music although I do not really particular style ... lol
In addition, I did not K'un jackson could be as versatile
usually I play in my ptite room of 10m ² with a Peavy rage 158 ... I have neighbors so it was not too much bigger as possible .... lol
jl'ai as mentioned above I come to have a lot of different sounds to sound good dégeut a sharp crystal clear sound a bit saturated, but it is true that the pickups are a bit of definition and I think to replace them future.
I love the distortion sound kan is pushed back it's like a full concert sepultura! lol by crunches are not against the top kan unless they are very light but it's coming perhaps from my amp ...


I use it for 2 months
I love the big sound k'elle lot and also its look with his head thrown signed jackson
I do not like the handle too screwed but good for the price ...
I try bcp other models but the c ki most suited to my wallet ... lol
value for money is very good because we are dealing with a guitar perhaps not as well finished ke the top of the range (-pearl inlay on the fretboard, special varnishes, wood best ....) but it ' is certainly a quality guitar ibanez guitars compared to the same price range ...
certainly I would do this choice because it only cost me € 300 as his new argus is a € 425 that I have also always not understand ... lol